Ruks Engineering Limited

Ruks CoiloTron

UVGI System for elimination of mold, fungi, and pathogens on cooling coil and drain pan



Ruks CoiloTron - Mold removal system for Cooling Coil and Drain Pan

  •   Used for elimination of mold, fungi, and bacteria on cooling coil and drain pan of AHU
  •   Increases heat transfer efficiency. Results in energy reduction
  •   Helps obtain LEED points
  •   High intensity twin UVC lamps per fixture
  •   High specular, 86 % reflectivity Aluminum surface intensifies UVC rays on cooling coil and drain pan
  •   Each lamp housed in individual Quartz Sleeve to GE 214/219 spec. Ensures highest transmission of UVC
  •   Quartz Sleeve prevents direct contact of air on lamp surface. Sustains lamp surface temperature constant to optimize continuous high performance of lamps
  •   Quartz Sleeve prevents impregnation of dust and carryover moisture on lamp surface
  •   Mercury spill from broken lamp is retained within the Quartz Sleeve. Prevents mercury spill in AHU. Environmental safety
  •   Flexibility in installation as lamps may be moved in x or y directions, and tilted through 20°, to ensure total coverage of UVC on cooling coils and drain pan
  •   Installation mounting rails factory provided
  •   All installation material factory provided. No field provided material necessary
  •   If more than 1 CoiloTron frame is used per AHU, UL listed daisy loop cable between CoiloTron frames is factory provided
  •   Material of construction - Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  •   Easy to install
  •   Ruks CoiloTron listed to UL 1995 ABQK: Air Conditioning Equipment Accessories, Air Duct Mounted
  •   Ruks CoiloTron tested and certified by UL for fire and smoke safety to UL 2043: Fire Test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release for Discreet Products and Accessories Installed in Air Handling Spaces
  •   CE Certified