Ruks Engineering Limited

Ruks CZ12

Supervisory Space Ozone Monitor to display residual ozone in quantifiable units down to 2 PPB. Completely fail safe




Ruks CZ12 - Supervisory Ozone Monitor

  •   Mandatory requirement to comply to UL 867A - Use of ozone injection as IAQ device in human occupied space
  •   Failsafe UL listed monitor
  •   Displays concentration of ozone on LCD screen in quantifiable units down to 2 PPB in increments of 1 PPB
  •   Built-in watchdog circuit performs self diagnosis every 2 minutes for system, components, hardware and software faults
  •   Failsafe and fail-proof to detect any kind of fault that may occur
  •   Relay with NO & NC rated for 250 V, with backup to deactivate the ozone generator, and or open fresh air or exhaust air damper, deactivate electrostatic precipitator, etc, in the event ozone level reaches mandatory permissible levels or if any fault is detected in the system
  •   All faults reported with fault codes
  •   Fully factory assembled. Ready to start
  •   Rated for 24/7 online duty
  •   Field calibration not required
  •   Circuit board 24 carat gold plated to prevent loss of performance and accuracy
  •   Delivers 0 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20 mA Analog Signal for BMS interface
  •   Listed to UL 867A: Safety of Ozone System for use in human occupied space
  •   Applications: IAQ System with Ozone Injection or ESP or Ionizer, plant room with ozone generator for WWT and Potable Water Treatment Plants, Swimming Pools, Bottling Plants, and Commercial Laundries.