Ruks Engineering Limited

Ruks CZ6-SC

VOC Sensor and Auto VOC Controller for budget applications






Ruks CZ6-SC Auto VOC Sensor Controller

  •   Low cost product for budget projects
  •   Integrated VOC monitor and proportionate controller
  •   LED lights to indicate level of VOC as low, medium, high
  •   HMOS sensor element
  •   Delivers 0 to 10 VDC Analog Signal for BMS interface
  •   Proportionate controller to modulate line voltage 220 V / 110 V to variable voltage consistent to prevailing level of VOC. This modulates operation of Ozone Generator, Electrostatic Precipitator, and or any other suitable IAQ correctional device
  •   Listed as IAQ and Energy Management Equipment to UL 916: Standard for Safety for Energy Management Equipment
  •   CE Certified