Ruks Engineering Limited

Ruks GermiTron

Duct Mounted UVGI Equipment for elimination of airborne bacteria and pathogens, for hospital and healthcare applications




Ruks GermiTron - UVGI System for removal of bacteria in HVAC and ventilation ducts – Used in Hospitals and Healthcare Applications
  •   Duct Mounted, Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation System for elimination of airborne bacteria and pathogens in HVAC and ventilation ducts
  •   90% Kill Rate of bacteria and virus per pass
  •   Guarantees design kill rate throughout lamp life
  •   Custom designed to suit site specific duct contact length, duct sizes, and duct air velocity. Combination of these parameters decide selection of the system. Thus ensures delivery of required kill dose to guarantee bacteria destruction
  •   Scientifically proven design with computerized selection to guarantee delivery of specified target kill rate
  •   Suitable for Horizontal or Vertical Installations
  •   Flexibility to adapt to duct size and yet ensure delivery of design kill rate on bacteria
  •   Suitable for new and retrofit installations
  •   High energy output 800 mA lamp
  •   Lamp operation visible from outside through pilot light
  •   Each lamp installed in individual Quartz Sleeve to GE 214/219 Spec to ensure highest transmission and protection against
    •       Contact of cold air in duct directly on lamp. This ensures lamp surface temperature is constant and uniform. Essential prerequisite to ensure continuous high output of kill rate by lamps
    •       Eliminates contact of lamps with airborne dust, contaminants, and carry over moisture from cooling coil. Protects lamp and extends lamp life
    •       Mercury spill from broken lamp is confined in the Quartz Sleeve. Prevents mercury spill into ducts. Environmental safety
  •   Lamps can be changed easily without removing quartz sleeve and without removing frame from duct
  •   Does not operate at ultra low wavelength of 180 nM. Prevents production of undesired, uncontrolled, and unmodulated ozone
  •   Electrical Control Box mounted remote to ensure duct mounted components are kept minimum; essential for safe performance
  •   Hour Meter to warn timely lamp change
  •   Provides 0 to 10 V analog signal to BMS to warn lamp change
  •   Indicating lamps to show ballast failure and lamp failure
  •   Option available is UV Energy Sensor and Monitor
  •   Factory provided electrical cable and quick connector between electrical control box and UVGI frame. Eliminates potential site installation faults
  •   Unique design eliminates duct access doors. Assures total safety
  •   All installation materials, mounting rails, cable, quick electrical connector are factory provided. No field provided material required
  •   All parts of the frame are Stainless Steel. Suitable for hospitals and food processing facilities
  •   Electrical ballast individually listed to UL 935
  •   All parts and components individually UL listed
  •   Ruks GermiTron and Electrical Control Box listed to UL 1995 ABQK: Air Conditioning Equipment Accessories, Air Duct Mounted
  •   Ruks GermiTron tested and certified by UL for fire and smoke safety to UL 2043: Fire Test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release for Discreet Products and Accessories Installed in Air Handling Spaces
  •   CE Certified