• Tracks IAQ parameters: Temperature, RH, VOC, and CO2. Options include: OA flow rate and any user provided monitor with 0-10 V output
  • Time history and instantaneous records of all IAQ parameters, remotely through IP
  • All functions, management, data access, retrieval, programming and control features performed globally/remotely through IP
  • Ensures HVAC System operates at optimum IAQ conditions and optimum energy consumption. Delivers savings in Op Ex of the HVAC System
  • 0 to 10 V DC output to BMS
  • 5 Relays with Dry Contacts, user selectable and assignable
  • Displays all parameters in quantifiable user selected units
  • Microprocessor conductors are gold plated 24 carat 3 microns to ensure conductors and tracers integrity and resolution remain unaltered
  • UL listed as Energy Management Device
  • Made in Canada