Odotron to inject ozone into exhaust air
SS 304 or SS 316 Construction. Packaged drop ship equipment
Site provided materials are minimum; interconnect ducts, Reaction/Contact Chamber, and field wiring
Ready to start with minimum preparation time and labor
Powerful cabinet mounted EC fan for auto operation and delivery of treatment air into exhaust air stream
Does not require carbon or chemicals (sodium hypochlorite) or bio filters
Maintenance labor, time and parts are low
Multiple, double sided corona plates provide adequate quantity of ozone for rapid removal of odor and H2S
Electrical enclosure to NEMA 12 or NEMA 3RX or NEMA 4X
Auto purge cycle to eliminate sewer vent air in corona chamber prior to start
Auto shut off damper at exit (Option is Bubble Tight Damper)
Many Options Available: Auto modulation based on H2S concentration, H2S Monitor, Auto/Manual Operation selector, High Humidity Operation Package, Outdoor Operation
No deposition of Nitrous Compounds on Corona Cells. Periodic replacement of corona cells – Not required
Does not use oxygen or replacement of molecular sieves
Does not require air compressor. Eliminates high operating and maintenance costs
Compliant to NFPA 820 guidelines
Deliverable: H2S at 4 Ft (1.2 M) from point of discharge is ≤ 1 ppm. Measured at fence line 20 ft (6 M) is near zero
UL Listed
Made in Canada
Polypropylene vent air fan with TEFC or explosion proof motor to extract vent air from lift wells
Odotron to inject ozone into extracted vent air
Option: H2S monitor
All components may be factory installed on common skid, if preferred by user
Indoor or outdoor installation
Odotron and vent air fan are UL listed
Made in Canada

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